Tips for Finding ND Specialties

Most visiting birders come to North Dakota for grassland birds. These species have evolved in a dynamic system characterized by changing local conditions from year to year. A prairie pasture that has Baird's Sparrows one year may not be suitable the following year. Use the following guide to help you identify the proper habitats for each species.

Select a species using the icon to view the details.
Sharp-tailed Grouse
Tympanuchus phasianellus
Gray Partridge
Perdix perdix
Yellow Rail
Coturnicops noveboracensis
Piping Plover
Charadrius melodus
Ferruginous Hawk
Buteo regalis
Sprague's Pipit
Anthus spragueii
Chestnut-collared Longspur
Calcarius ornatus
LeConte's Sparrow
Ammospiza leconteii
Nelson's Sparrow
Ammospiza nelsoni
Baird's Sparrow
Centronyx bairdii